Three Ways To Make Your Teeth A Lot More Fashionable

American actress Connie Stevens once said, "Nothing you wear is more important than your smile." As someone in their twenties who wants to present a vibrant, trendy persona to the world around them, there is nothing more important than your looks. Starting with your smile, did you know that you can make cosmetic changes to your teeth to make them stand out in a crowd? This post is not about the standard cosmetic procedures of teeth whitening and veneers. No! This post is about three ways you can turn your teeth into a fashion statement in their own right.

Gold Tooth

The inclusion of a gold tooth in a person's mouth dates back centuries. In olden times, it was a sign of prestige and wealth to have a gold tooth inserted in the mouth. However, the term "gold tooth" is a slight misnomer that does not accurately represent what a dentist is doing.

The gold tooth is not a solid tooth made of gold. Instead, it is a dental crown made of gold and other metals which slip over the top of an existing tooth. Crowns are often made of porcelain or ceramics. However, if you want a crown that stands out from the rest, you can choose to have one made from a combination of gold, copper, and miscellaneous metals. A gold tooth resists corrosion and wear, so it is a good choice of tooth cap material.

Tooth Tattoos

Gold teeth have been around a long time, so if you are looking for something more trendy, why not have a tooth tattoo (also known as a tattooth)? Luckily, this does not involve your local tattoo artist taking to your tooth with a tattoo gun. Instead, it again involves the placement of a dental crown.

Rather than having a plain crown placed over an existing tooth, you can choose a crown which has been decorated in advance. Your choice of design can be as simple as a swirled pattern, or as extravagant as a miniature picture. If a tattooth is appealing to you, your dentist will send your design details to a dental artist who has experience preparing this type of crown.

A tooth tattoo will not last as long as a traditional skin tattoo due to its constant exposure to mouth acids. However, it is permanent enough that you will need a dentist's help to remove it in the future if you fall out of love with your design. Choose carefully, since your tattoo will be obvious every time you open your mouth. 

Tooth Studs And Piercings

Body piercings are all the rage, so it stands to reason that dental piercing is a fashionable thing too. As a general rule, dental piercing does not involve holes being drilled in your tooth. Your dentist would frown upon any endeavour to do so as the drilling pressure could easily crack your teeth. However, if you want to add a dental stud to your tooth, a composite adhesive can be applied to your tooth and a decorative jewelled stud then embedded into it.

The studs will remain on your tooth for as long as the composite holds it in place. However, there have been instances where the stud has accidentally been eaten after its owner consumed super sticky foods. If a dental stud appeals to you, make sure you get a list of foods to avoid once it is in place.

If any of the above dental fashions appeal to you, your next step is to visit your dentist and discuss these options further. Your teeth need to be in a healthy condition before you start adding any permanent bling, so see what your dentist thinks of your ideas first.

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