Which Natural Teeth Whitening Agents Work the Best?

Social media is awash with different natural cures and remedies that promise to whiten teeth. However, it can be confusing to know if these will actually work and if there are any negative side effects. Here is some more information to consider before you try these options. 

Activated charcoal

One popular option is activated charcoal. The charcoal usually comes in a powder which is then smooshed into a paste and left to sit on the teeth for a few minutes. This is commonly described as a natural teeth cleaning method used by Indigenous tribes in Australia and overseas. The method works by removing residue on the teeth and gently abrading any extra buildup. This method can be a little messy as it used charcoal powder and users need to be careful not to swallow any charcoal as activated charcoal is used to remove and neutralise medications from the stomach. Some people see a small improvement in teeth colour but generally, this is a minor effect. 


Another popular set of teeth whitening recipes use turmeric and coconut oil, often in combination with baking soda. This is a bit surprisingly to many people as turmeric is a popular dying agent and often stains the items it comes into contact with. Many of the teeth whitening recipes using turmeric seem to have a more dramatic effect than you'd expect largely as the turmeric does stain the surrounding skin and provides a subtle contrast that emphasises the blue undertones of the tooth enamel. Unfortunately again most of the effect seems to come from light abrasion from the turmeric.

Lemon juice/strawberry paste/fruit pastes

Finally, another option that is often mentioned is to create a paste with lemon juice, strawberry puree or other fruits. These cures work as they have a light acid and lightly remove the stained outer surface of the teeth. Unfortunately, while this can create a lightening effect this can also cause or exacerbate tooth decay and can often lead to extra sensitivity on the teeth. It is not recommended to try this technique if you have sensitive teeth or have had issues with tooth decay in the past. 

If you are looking for a way to lighten your teeth sensibly, it is a good idea to chat to your dentist about cosmetic teeth whitening options. They can help to come up with a treatment plan with impressive results and minimal risks to your dental health. For more information, contact a business such as Melrose Dental.

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