Dental Treatments You Could Choose For a Chipped Tooth

When most people consider dental treatments, they usually think of treating a cavity, replacing a missing tooth or remedying tooth misalignment. However, if you experience trauma to your mouth, you may find yourself faced with a chipped tooth that was not dislodged. Some individuals may assume that as long as the tooth is still securely in place, they do not need to have it looked at by a dentist. In reality, a chipped tooth could start to impede on your lifestyle by affecting your speech, how you chew and you overall appearance. The following are some of the options you could choose for a chipped tooth.

A dental crown

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular treatment options for chipped teeth is dental crowns. This dental crown comprises a cap that is applied directly over your tooth to cover the chip. The cap is usually made from porcelain so that it can match the natural appearance of your teeth. However, you can opt to have the crown made from gold or silver if you would like it to stand out.

It should be noted that the remaining part of your tooth might have to filed and reshaped so that the crown can fit properly. Dental crowns not only hide the imperfections in your teeth, but they also fortify the damaged tooth, which makes it less likely for it to acquire further damage.


If you do not like the idea of having the natural structure of your tooth being altered to accommodate a dental crown, you may want to consider dental bonding. Bonding is a procedure that has steadily grown in popularity when it comes to treating chips in teeth, as it is a non-invasive form of treatment. To carry out dental bonding, the dentist will mix resins with a composite material to create a substance that will be used to fill in the broken off part of your tooth.

Once the composite compound is applied, it is moulded as closely as possible to the shape of your tooth. The composite material is then dried by exposing it to ultraviolet light to facilitate hardening. When the compound has set, it is filed down to give it a smooth appearance. Bonding is a great option for tooth chips as the compound used is made to match the colour of your teeth. It is also an ideal option if you are looking to hide cracks in your teeth.

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