Reasons Dental Implants Are a Worthwhile Investment

One of the modern tooth replacement options that you can consider is dental implants. However, since these implants tend to be more expensive than conventional treatments such as dentures and bridges, some people may not think that they would be worth the splurge. In reality, dental implants make up for their initial cost with the assortment of benefits they provide that you would not enjoy without tooth replacement options. Read on to find out why dental implants make a worthwhile investment.

Dental implants are natural looking

A significant advantage that dental implants have over other types of tooth replacement is that it is the most natural-looking option that you could consider. The dentist will embed the implant directly into your jawbone, so it is just as secure as your natural teeth. In addition to this, the implant is created to look as identical as possible to you missing tooth. Thus, it would be tough for anybody to spot the implant as it will not be conspicuous. Implants are also advantageous since they feel natural in your mouth, which is unlike other tooth replacement options that you may be tempted to push around with your tongue since they feel unfamiliar in your mouth.

Dental implants will reduce the risk of bone loss

A little-known fact about the jawbone is that it requires constant stimulation for it to stay alive. When you lose a tooth, the gap left behind does not receive any stimulation. As a result, the underlying bone structure starts to suffer from deterioration. If you have lost multiple teeth, the degeneration of your jawbone can be extremely conspicuous, and this will detract from your facial features. You may want to consider investing in dental implants to prevent this from happening. Since the implant is inserted directly into the jawbone, the gap will keep being exposed to pressure when you are talking, masticating and more. Therefore, you are much less likely to suffer from any bone loss.

Dental implants would benefit your natural teeth

Some tooth replacement options may cover up your gap but as a result will cause damage to your remaining teeth. One example of this is dental bridges, which need to be anchored on a healthy tooth for the prosthetic tooth to stay in place.  As a result, your natural tooth is ground down and reshaped so that a crown can be fitted on top of it, and this will compromise its structural integrity. Dental implants do not have any effect on any of your natural teeth, making them a better alternative.

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