Dining with Temporary Dental Crowns: 4 Food Types You Should Avoid While Wearing Temporary Dental Crowns

As you wait for your dentist to finish creating your permanent dental crown, it is important that you care for your temporary crown. For the next 2-3 weeks, you will need to watch what you eat. Otherwise, you might find yourself going back to your dentist sooner than you would like.

Remember, your temporary crown is made of weaker materials. Therefore, you should prepare to miss out on some of your favourite foods for a little while, or at least avoid chewing them on that side of your mouth.

Be Prepared for Some Sensitivity

One of the functions of your teeth is that they are able to sense cold and heat. They do this via the dentinal fluid contained within the tubules in the second layer of your tooth, known as dentin. However, recently crowned teeth; especially those with temporary crowns, are extra sensitive to cold and heat because the dentin is exposed, and temporary crowns don't always fit as perfectly as permanent crowns.

Whilst wearing your temporary crown, limit hot and cold food consumption or be prepared for some sensitivity.

Avoid Sticky Foods

Dentists purposely use weaker glue when placing a temporary crown. Sticky foods then, like toffee, bread, chewing gum and even stubborn steak will rip your temporary crown out.

Avoid these, or chew carefully on the other side of your mouth.

Stay away from Hard Foods

If you love an apple a day, you might have to settle for a banana instead. One misplaced bite is all it will take to send you back to your dentist to get your temporary re-cemented.

Even apple juice might not be a good idea at this point.

Don't Eat Anything High in Sugar

Foods high in sugar leave your remaining natural tooth at risk of tooth decay. That is, the remaining tooth under the temporary crown may attract sugary residue and bacteria. Safely ensconced within the recess between your crown and tooth, those bacterial organisms will devour the sugar while secreting acidic by-products that erode the exposed innards of your tooth.

Refrain from Drinking Acidic Beverages

Acidic beverages too can make their way under the temporary crown and erode the exposed tooth from the inside out. Without the enamel layer to protect it, the inside of your tooth, which also houses the nerve, will erode at an accelerated rate. You may severely compromise what remains of your tooth if you drink beverages like cola or lemonade.

As long as you are responsible and limit the above mentioned foods, your temporary crown should stay in place until your permanent crown is ready. However, if it comes loose, have your dentist replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the tooth could become infected leading to the need for a root canal. 

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