4 Reasons to Choose Laser Whitening Over Whitening Strips

Whiter teeth can brighten up your whole face, so it's no surprise that there are so many options to revitalize your smile. Of course, all those options can make it harder to choose the right one for you, and many people end up comparing whitening strips to laser whitening.

There are a few advantages to whitening strips, but here are just four important reasons why you should seek out laser teeth whitening instead.

1. Faster Results

Plenty of people enjoy using whitening strips because they tend to work fairly quickly. You can pick them up at the store, apply them to your teeth, and find that your smile is looking a little whiter after even a single application, though it should take just over a week for full results to show. That's great, but laser whitening is even faster. In fact, you can have your teeth laser whitened in just a single visit to your dentist, and you'll get the full results right away instead of having to wait a week or two.

2. Superior Results

One of the major problems with whitening strips is that they aren't particularly powerful. This is because the bleaching gel they use must be kept below a certain concentration to be sold over the counter instead of prescribed by a dentist. Strips can make your teeth whiter, but the results probably won't be as dramatic as you might have hoped. Since laser whitening is performed by a dentist, high-strength gel can be used to achieve a Hollywood-style smile.

3. Professionally Performed

There are benefits to having your teeth professionally whitened beyond gaining access to stronger whitening agents. For example, a dentist will be able to apply the gel exactly, meaning you won't miss any areas and end up with a patchy smile—that's a real problem with whitening strips. Your dentist will also be able to assess your teeth to achieve the perfect level of whiteness.

4. More Permanent Results

People will tell you whitening strips are great because you can pick them up cheap and keep using new ones, but the truth is you'll have to keep using new ones. Because strips aren't very strong, the results don't last very long. You might have perfectly white teeth now, but you'll probably start noticing them growing dingy again in just a few weeks' time. No whitening method lasts forever, but the results of laser whitening should last considerably longer than those associated with whitening strips.

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