How to Whiten Your Dentures

People who wear dentures should not resign to having dentures that look dull or have stains. Options are available to whiten dentures. This article discusses some of the available options.

At Home Products

Denture wearers should avoid buying at-home teeth whitening kits. Such products rely on abrasives to remove any stains and discolourations on teeth. Those abrasives can be harmful to your dentures if you try to whiten the dentures using those products. For example, the bleach or chlorine in teeth whitening products can cause the metallic parts of your dentures to corrode.

Talk to your dentist about your stained or discoloured dentures. He or she will recommend a product that will whiten those dentures without putting the dentures at any risk of damage. Some of the options include cleaning solutions in which you can soak those dentures overnight.

Professional Whitening Services

You can also take your dentures to be whitened professionally by a dentist or dental hygienist. Those professionals can polish the surface of those dentures so that any surface stains and discolourations can be removed. The cleaning session lasts a few minutes, so you should not be worried about having to go without the dentures as they undergo whitening.

Professional denture whitening is normally needed about once or twice every year. However, your dentist can recommend an interval that is best suited to your needs.

Some people may be concerned about the cost of whitening their dentures professionally since such a treatment may not be covered by their health insurance policies. Such people can find ways to get their dentures whitened at an affordable cost. For example, you can visit a dental school near you. Such a place may offer the service at a subsidised rate since the labour will be provided by students. Secondly, you can find out about any dental care camps organised in your area. Denture whitening services can be offered there at no cost to you. Talk to your dentist in case you need more ideas about how to cut the cost of obtaining professional denture whitening services.

The best way to retain the attractive appearance of your dentures is by taking steps to prevent those dentures from developing stains or becoming discoloured in the first place. For example, cleaning those dentures each day can avert the formation of stains. Diet is also a contributory factor. For example, pigmented foods and drinks, such as tomato sauce and red wine, can stain your dentures. Discuss all preventive measures with your dentist so that you reduce the frequency of having to whiten your dentures.

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