Two Typical Reasons That Will Induce the Need for Denture Repairs

Dentures remain one of the most cost-efficient forms of tooth replacement the world over. Considering that you can get both partial or full dentures depending on the number of teeth lost, dentures are a common choice for people who want to replace their missing teeth but need to do so on a tight budget.

Nonetheless, while dentures are built for durability since they are used on a daily basis, they are by no means immune to damage. And if your dentures have become fractured, it is time to replace them rather than waiting for them to break entirely. If you are unsure of the signs of impending denture restoration, here are two typical reasons that will induce the need for denture repairs or even possible replacement.

The dentures are not fitting correctly

One of the most common reasons why people will end up needing denture repairs is wearing ill-fitting dentures. For some individuals, once they have their dentures fitted, they choose to ignore the follow-up visits that their dentist recommends to ensure that the structures are fitting properly. When you ignore these visits, you miss the chance of having the dentures re-aligned to suit the changes that have happened to your gum line.

These changes are bound to happen since once you lose one or multiple teeth, the structure of your gums will start to change because of the missing teeth. Hence, the dentures need to be realigned to match the gum changes and possible bone loss. Failure to do so can lead to the dentures shifting in your mouth, and this increases the chances of cracks and the eventual need for repairs or their full replacement.

The dentures have dropped on occasion

Accidents happen. Since you cannot foresee the accidents happening, it is challenging to guard against them. Nonetheless, what you do once the accident has happened is what will influence the integrity of your dentures. If you have dropped your dentures when putting them or taking them out of the container you store them in at night, it is imperative to inspect them for any broken teeth or fractures on the base. Any signs of these damages should have you visiting your dentist immediately rather than lucking it out and wearing the dentures after the accident.

On the other hand, if the dentures have accidentally slipped out of your mouth and fallen to the floor, you then have two concerns to take care of. The first concern will be the damage to the dentures, and the second will be realigning or replacing the dentures so that they can stop being loose and stay snug on your gums.

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